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What will happen to the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

 A few days ago we shared an interesting piece about four players that have won the ICC World Cup, World T20 and the ICC Champions Trophy in their career.

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But actually, this article brought us back to the summer, 2017 where Pakistan scraped a stunning victory against England and then went on to win the World Cup finals.

Now, you may already be excited about the possibility of defending the title or the possibility of a new champion.

Not so fast. As far as ICC is concerned, the situation is pretty interesting one and many factors may play a role.

Geopolitical disarray


As you may know, the next Cricket World Cup will be held in England and Ireland in 2019. But before there is a finalized list of participants, a qualifier in Zimbabwe awaits.

Sense the problem already?

Zimbabwe is in chaos. Yes, they have had a dreadful tyrant as president but that doesn’t change the fact that a military coup can change as lot of things.

Naturally, it is yet too early for ICC to make decisions . The coup only happened a couple of days ago and the qualifiers are set to be held in March, 2018.

New Format

criket trhophy

Not to say that the new format is immediately bad, but it is definitely peculiar. In comparison to FIFA that has increased the number of teams at both the EURO 2016 and even plan a 48-team World Cup, ICC has reduced the number of participating teams.

The key complaint about the decision comes from the fans where cricket is only evolving. Like, Italy will survive missing the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. But as far as cricket goes, in many countries the pace of the growth of the game is slowly picking up. Reducing the team count from 14 to 10 may destroy the growth in countries that haven’t made the cut.

ICC representatives respond that the decrease is due to financial reasons and emphasized the increased importance of qualifier tournaments (such as the planned in Zimbabwe) where two teams out of 9 will move to the World Cup in England.

If your country makes it to the World Cup, you will be excited and ready (you can get free bet no deposit for Cricket today). If your team doesn’t make it due to the cuts, you may even want to skip the championship.

Some say that will be even more financially devastating than a decision to cut 4 teams out.


Perhaps, there is none. At least not yet.

With the game format changing, ICC 2019 will be an exciting tournament to follow. Is it going to be better?

It’s something that at this point is very hard to answer. But hopefully, in a couple of months the situation will be clearer.