Cricket Sports Event. East London

Travelling to a Cricket Sports Event Alone or With a Friend?

Some consider it is best to travel to cricket sports event alone, for several reasons that we will refer to below. Later, we will argue some arguments that prove that it is preferable to travel accompanied as long as, yes, we choose the person (s) well.

  1. It is preferable to travel alone because:
  2. You can enjoy (and dispose of) “your own time” and without the interference of anyone. Even when you go to a cricket sports event in which you will encounter real crowds, when you travel without company you separate yourself to your own reality, which will allow you to meditate on your own life, about what you are doing well and what is not.
  3. Because you are the “master of your itinerary”, having total control over time and what you want to do, among these activities, attending sports events that you like. You will not need the opinion of your family, nor the opinion of your friends. You will only go where your feet and your mind take you.
  4. You will be able to make new friends, since you will be forced to talk to unknown people, being in front of a crowd in the sports fields. This will allow you to create new relationships and, in case you are alone, you could even get a partner.
  5. Your confidence in yourself will increase since you will learn new cultures and languages, new people, while your palate will experience new and unknown sensations.
  6. It is preferable to travel accompanied because:
  7. You will have someone to share with, without the need to take on the risks of interacting with strangers. In addition, in the future, you will have with whom to share the anecdotes that always remain of every trip, especially if you are going to attend sporting events, where unforeseen events are “on the order of the day”.
  8. You can reduce your expenses, while your friends and relatives will do the same, which becomes a kind of “win-win” or “you win and I win”. If for example, you stay in a double bed room, the savings will be quite significant for you and your partner. The same thing happens if they pay for a lunch (or a dinner) buffet. When boarding a taxi from and to the sporting event, both will save an interesting amount of money.
  9. Regarding the rows we usually make to buy tickets or, well, to enter the sports arena, you will not have problems if you have to go to the bathroom or do any other errand. The same is true of borders, with issues related to migration.
  10. In languages, it is possible for you to speak (and write) a second language that your partner does not handle, and vice versa. The same applies, for other skills.