explaining cricket

How to explain Cricket to An American

Despite our love for the game, we must agree that cricket is a weird sport from the viewers point of view. Not all of it. But overall, it is a much harder game to get into than something like football or basketball. In those games you have a clear timeframe that it will take to decide the winner, both ends of the field have the target that the opposing team tries to reach. It is not the case in cricket.

So, why explain this game to an American? As we said, for a football fan the game is incredibly hard to explain. But, Americans already have their favorite past time, baseball.

All you have to do is explain them how different or similar is cricket.

Start slow

Whether you are teaching an European or an American, don’t overdo it. Imagine you are explaining the game to your 4-year old child. And remember, it’s not the question of life and death. So, focus only on the main differences.

There will be plenty of time to get into the details. If you do it right, they will come to you.

Add interesting facts


Rules are important but to grab attention you need interesting facts. For example, explain to them why cricket field is 4 times larger than baseball stadium and how that results in double number of catchers.

Numbers will help explain cricket – focus on the fact that cricket has 11 players per team to baseball’s 9.

Truth be told, cricket also has similarities with baseball. And not all of them on field. For example, the psychological aspect of the game keeps the teams mostly equal. The same happens in baseball – anyone can win. At least there is more flexibility than, say in football which often will have the same teams on the top of the league table. It’s fascinating.

Use your imagination

We can’t tell you what to say. But if you are trying to explain the rules of the game to a foreigner, be vivid. If they like racing, use racing analogies. If they enjoy playing casino games, tell them cricket slots can be found here.

The point is, try to speak their language to explain your passion for the game.


As the next Cricket Championship is closing in, not to mention qualifiers of incredible importance in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, make a vow to bring in at least one new fan to the game. Make it a Super Bowl type of an event with snacks and music. Invite friends, explain what the game is about and help them understand why you enjoy this game so much.

Do this and you waiting for the Cricket World Cup will be much easier, not to mention much more fun when it eventually comes.