Cricket Sports Event. East London

Travelling to a Cricket Sports Event Alone or With a Friend?

Some consider it is best to travel to cricket sports event alone, for several reasons that we will refer to below. Later, we will argue some arguments that prove that it is preferable to travel accompanied as long as, yes, we choose the person (s) well. It is preferable to travel alone because: You can […]

How to plan a trip abroad to a sport event

How to plan a trip abroad to a sport event?

When talking about planning a trip abroad for one or several sporting events, it is necessary to take into account several recommendations. First, we must be aware that the sun and the beach are, to some extent, “rivals” of the events we intend to attend. Therefore,  prior planning is essential. At present and for two […]

International Cricket Council mustafa

Strategy for International Cricket Council

Umpires should not hold helmets. In the event the umpires do not think an outcome can be achieved no excess time shall be allowed. He shall give such consent as soon as practicable. Batsman always put on a helmet to give protection to head, however, it isn’t mandatory to put on a helmet once the […]

cricket world cups

Cricket World Cups

Cricket is a superb sport. Cricket called a Gentleman’s game. Cricket, currently, is believed to be a greenfield opportunity for businesspeople, a fantastic investing ground that could yield excellent returns. Cricket isn’t a very paying game. Cricket isn’t only a game anymore, it is an international industry netting billions in revenue. Cricket is among the […]

cricket best players of all time

A Review of Cricket Best Players of All Time

Among the most fascinating games is to maintain a quiz on the life span of the individual who’s going away. To make such exceptional moments interesting in addition to memorable, one needs to remember to plan some fun games along with activities for the party. Yet there are players who’d be brilliant in all 3 […]